January 1, 2022

ArtSpirit Studio, Hong Kong


In June of 2020 I entered my fourth decade of professional, freelance colour and mural artistry for architectural environments both interior and exterior.

Since my permanent move to Hong Kong 2008, most of the artistry here in the east has been completed on mainland China and in Hong Kong. Other Asian countries have included Taiwan, Philippines, North and South Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

Earlier work occurred in Europe where I began then North America, both Canada and USA including Alaska and Hawaii.

Artistry has been accomplished in the widest variety of settings...in private residences, owned and rented, business offices, commercial shops and industrial spaces, restaurants and cafes, spaces for yoga, eurythmy and meditation, a childrens library in Beijing, China, numberous private and public classrooms, entrances and corridors in schools and playful spaces for the young in the home. Care homes for the elderly in several countries have also been been completed. 

Building facades, entrance lobbies, corridors, stairwells, ceilings, countless spaces for various uses...nearly all has been completed...and much is possible.


My areas of expertise are the following:


This is what I would call the base of my skills. Lazure is a method conceived by the scientist/artist Rudolf Steiner at the start of the 20th century. Though the principals of lazure were introduced by him as early as 1911, the practice is still today very rarely known by professional contemporary architects and designers.

Lazure has the power to transform architectural space. How does it transform?  It accomplishes this through the painterly application of, pure, translucent or transparent color in multi-layered, wash-glazes of various hues, tones and strengths. These applications 'play' in unison...inter-mingling with available light sources, either natural or artificial, to create ambient, atmospheric moods. The results are not possible with conventional opaque wall paints.


are then derived from lazure painting. Imaginative compositions, either rhythmical, free-moving dance like 'abstract' ...or representational depictions with recognizable objects and subjects have the power of heightening the lazure method and exemplifies a fuller unique esthetic for our time.


I complete pastels and canvas paintings, framed and ready to mount.  Global shipping is possible.

Your questions are welcome. Pricing is can be negotiable.

John Stolfo, master colourist, lazurist and muralist
ArtSpirit Studio  Hong Kong
+852 6563 2492 (also Whatsapp)
email: jsheartsourcehk@aol.com

Facebook: John Stolfo. My ongoing, FB postings regularly compliment this website.













corporate conference room for Eden Foods Inc, in Clinton, Michigan USA 2003

Public school classroom in Urumqi, Northwest Mainland China 2016

Kindergarten school exterior, on Taiwan 2013...two sides of a three floor building 2013

Stairwell for a grade school in Changchun, China Mainland 2015

Classroom wall in Suzhou, Mainland China November 2016

Rainbow stairwell lobby, in Shekou Shenzhen, China, December 2016

"Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center", on a brick wall, in Spring Valley, New York USA 1994

Commercial business lobby in Sodertalje, Sweden 1991

Common area for a low-income home for the aged, on Chicago's South Side, USA ...a small section of an entire room 2002

"New York Open Center" in Soho, N.Y.City Manhattan USA 1994

School stairwell in Shenzhen, Mainland China 2009

School entrance wall to a primary school on Mainland China Zhengzhou 2015

Children's library lobby in Beijing, China 2016

Exterior wall in Ho Chi Ming City (Old Saigon), Vietnam 2015


25.06.2018 11:48

Kathryn Carpenter-Perlas

Wonderful! Congrats, John!👍🌈🙏✨💛

12.06.2018 17:15


Very nice re-introduction to your imagery and personal background John. I have been tracking your ongoing work and whatever comments that have been offered up! I think of you often John. Warmest love.