'Crucible' on large canvas 1990

Hong Kong 10/10/2017

ArtSpirit Studio is a resource for original artistry either on-site commissioning of master lazure painting, mural paintings: very large (monumental) or medium-small to intimate-small wall-imagery, completed studio artwork for purchase, studio artwork on commission (by order), signage for your business or other type venue, promotional material for your up-coming event, adult-level watercolor painting or clay modeling workshops to awaken the creative self, and in some cases heal oneself and lastly, on-site, hands-on, adult level lazure painting workshops. 

Studio artwork such as watercolors, canvas paintings or pastel drawings can be shipped worldwide by post. All art instruction and all wall painting work serves Asia only.   

So hello and welcome to this website. I am John Stolfo, master artist and web-site builder/owner of this site. Since 1990, mv work has been completed on three continents beginning in Europe during 10 years, continuing in USA/Canada during 13 years and now with Hong Kong Island as my present base, serving Asia the past 9 years.

My contemporary, professional mural work is chiefly aimed for architecture and so this would be especially appealing for property management companies, interior designers and architects and their clients, for all owner/managements of industrial work sites and of commercial business buildings. I also do small, middle and high-end corporate business office complexes.

However over the years more work has been done in private residential dwellings, i.e. your home environments, and especially various spaces for children.

Artistry in schools: both public and private educational institutions have been completed. I've also done differing types of health-care facilities both medical and dental, as well as spaces for meditation and other types of 'new-consciousness' facilities. 

Entrance-ways, lobbies, waiting rooms, large and small stairwells, corridors have receive new life with living color in movement. It is always the hope that with my artistry I am able to lift the human spirit and even in business and other work environments to effectively enhance productivity and creativity through inspiring surroundings.

And as stated up front, I also do studio work and instruct art at the adult level. The chief reason why I instruct at adult level alone is that most grown ups have tragically lost touch with their 'child-like' creative-self for life which was given in youth. By awakening and sometimes harmonizing/healing oneself, its perhaps possible to go forward in helping others at awakening this gift once given and perhaps even assist others in finding self-harmonizing. More and more children will need this today from adults as the children are losing touch with their childhood gift due to one-sided modern education and the too early and agressive exposure of technology.

There are in fact here in Hong Kong and in many other Asian countries events and full-time programs for the healthier raising and education of young children. These I am referring to are connected to Rudolf Steiner-Waldorf initiatives including pre-birth guidance, parent-child programs, kindergartens and pre-schools, grade schools and a small number of high schools. There are as well adult, teacher trainer programs throughout Asia. These can be found on the internet and I can also give some info on request.    

regarding costs for my architectural color work...

Deciding on creative environments means insisting on quality and therefore this principle should, if and when possible, override mere monetary costs. Most often we all prioritize what we think is important in our lives but i believe that as time proceeds our choice of prioritizing will turn more towards helping to heal an inner-sense, that of our own well-being and also of the well-being of culture. Art in its universal meaning and scope has the power to help in a healthy transformation of inner and outer contemporary life.   

My fees depend on location, locale conditions, scope of the project and lastly complexity of design. I then estimate how long the task will take to complete. All charges for art materials are excluded in the pricing, meaning additional.

Consultation is always free of charge. My prices are reasonable and in in some cases there is space for fair and happy negotiation.

Generally all preparation costs and labor to prepare wall surfaces would also be at the client's expense. I can provide free advice for preparation requirements. And in some cases I can do the work myself as I have had long professional experience in doing basic painting preparation. 

On this Home Page please follow the many images down to where I write at the very bottom of the page an important and furthering descriptive welcome.

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Thank you.

Please share this website with friends, business contacts and other acquaintances.

yours, john stolfo

Hong Kong direct tel: +852 6563 2492...also on Whatsapp

email: jsheartsourcehk@aol.com

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corporate conference room for Eden Foods Inc, in Clinton, Michigan USA 2003

Public school classroom in Urumqi, Northwest Mainland China 2016

Kindergarten school exterior, on Taiwan 2013...two sides of a three floor building 2013

Stairwell for a grade school in Changchun, China Mainland 2015

Classroom wall in Suzhou, Mainland China November 2016

Rainbow stairwell lobby, in Shekou Shenzhen, China, December 2016

"Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center", on a brick wall, in Spring Valley, New York USA 1994

Commercial business lobby in Sodertalje, Sweden 1991

Common area for a low-income home for the aged, on Chicago's South Side, USA ...a small section of an entire room 2002

"New York Open Center" in Soho, N.Y.City Manhattan USA 1994

School stairwell in Shenzhen, Mainland China 2009

School entrance wall to a primary school on Mainland China Zhengzhou 2015

Children's library lobby in Beijing, China 2016

Exterior wall in Ho Chi Ming City (Old Saigon), Vietnam 2015

Hello again

My main area of specialization is in contemporary, large to small-scale wall paintings for building environments. In large-scale painting this is sometimes called 'monumental painting'.

Wall paintings can be created non-figurative/non-representational meaning freely-improvisational...or representational, showing recogizable images. On occasion I do signage for businesses as well.

In each case the design work is conceived to further enhance beauty and culture in our world and present an artform which has universal appeal...a form of art which speaks to the Universal Human of all peoples. This would then naturally be an art form which would, in its practical dimension, enhance the function of the immediate building environment. So...to enhance the esthetic/visual appearance as well as the purpose of the space.

In my mural designing of non-figurative/non-representational, free-improvisational work, these are created out of an artistic process of direct 'artistic play'. This means that I have no prior picture-concept in mind but create directly from the heart, 'imagining forth' an esthetic solution suited in each given situation taking into account the factors of architectural elements and lighting factors. I also work with concepts the client my have which may include providing sketches.

In pre-built structures this can sometimes become a complete qualitative transformation of an utterly lifeless building space embuing beauty with fresh new life and energy. Or in early design stages, say together in collaboration with interior designers, architects or naturally directly with the business or home owner/apartment dwellers. a completely new and refreshing color-to-form solution can be achieved. 

For contemporary interior colour design I also offer an unique, painterly method called the European inspired LAZURE PAINTING which is very new in the Asian market in any wider professional use. I can say with complete confidence that I am the only master-professional today in Asia with this skill acheived over the past 27 years. See the page 'Lazure Painting'.

In my artistic painting work, and whenever possible, I utilize a water-based, 100% all natural paint medium comprised of plant resins, beeswax and fillers. This should be of importance for all who demand completely safe, non-toxic paints which are healthy for children, adults and the environment. These are comprised of zero...NO...synthetic, allergy affecting, harsh-chemical ingredients. This is a professional-grade paint medium imported from Europe. This is a medium produced by means of 'soft-chemistry'...technology with deliberate conscience intent.

On these first few pages you will see a selection of my work begun in Europe 1990. Then there are examples completed in USA during a 13 year period and now in China and a couple other Asian countries these past since 2008. Further pages on this site show my smaller-scale studio work in drawing, canvas paintings, pastels and sculpture.

I welcome all inquires including any project you might consider, pricing, and my time availablity. In many cases and within reason, I am open to negotiating my work fees.

Thank you for your visit to this site. John.

Hong Kong tel: +852 6563 2492...also on Whatsapp

email: jsheartsourcehk@aol.com

On Facebook: John Stolfo

On Wechat: JohnStolfo (one word)