The first portion of my website is directed fore-mostly to residential dwellers who wish to bring colour into their home life.

Importantly, it may be refreshing for interior designers and architects who work with clients for something very different.

The site may be attractive for big and small corporate businesses, particularly in office spaces, commercial showrooms and other types of venues such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions and unique delightful spaces for children and elderly as well. The possibilities are limitless.

Under my artistic lead of nearly 30 years beginning in European Sweden, USA and now Asia, most conceivable areas of architectural settings have been transformed in one way or another through my artistry. They have been exteriors, interior doorways and lobby entrances, corridors, stairwells and spaces of all uses.

I am interested in your questions and specifically in a need for change and need for surrounding yourself with beautiful colour today 2018.

John Stolfo

ArtSpirit Studio, Hong Kong









Transitional colour to compliment and emphasize architectural design creating a space filled with soft beautiful hues. Utilized here was an imported, professional grade 100% all natural paint glaze.

June  2018 

This e-portfolio represents a narrow selection of completed, on-location commissions and studio creations up to the present...beginning 1990 with professional work in Europe from Sweden, a further 15 years in home country USA then since 2009  in Asia on mainland China and Hong Kong as well as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan.

Chief focus is given to very large- to smaller-scale, contemporary painterly design. My specialty is with large murals having non-representational or representational motifs for both interior and exterior. These are sometimes also called 'monumental murals' as I take into consideration all surrounding architectural elements such as space layout, proportions and light source to create a unique work specific to the venue.

I have also been modestly introducing a painterly art-craft, the European inspired 'lazure painting' into the colour design market of Asia. This has been developing over very many decades globally by many artisans both professional and novice especially in Europe and USA but in Asia this is as yet rarely heard of and vitually not at all in the general design profession. Lazure painting transforms wall surfaces and spaces with multi-layered, translucently painted wash-glazes creating luminous light-filled colour effects impossible with conventional opaque paints.

Studio creations shown on the site include drawings, pastels, watercolours, canvas paintings and sculptural forms. I accept studio commissions, except the sculptural forms, worldwide. Purchases of 2-dimentional art have been delivered to North and South America.

My residence and work base now since 2017 is 'ArtSpirit Studio'... located in Sai Ying Pun on Hong Kong Island.

Please contact me with any questions regarding my artistry. Thank you.

sincerely, john Stolfo, master colorist and architectural painter


Hong Kong direct tel: +852 6563 2492...also on Whatsapp

mainland China number: +86 155 4676 2492

email: jsheartsourcehk@aol.com

Facebook: John Stolfo

Wechat: JohnStolfo (one word)









corporate conference room for Eden Foods Inc, in Clinton, Michigan USA 2003

Public school classroom in Urumqi, Northwest Mainland China 2016

Kindergarten school exterior, on Taiwan 2013...two sides of a three floor building 2013

Stairwell for a grade school in Changchun, China Mainland 2015

Classroom wall in Suzhou, Mainland China November 2016

Rainbow stairwell lobby, in Shekou Shenzhen, China, December 2016

"Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center", on a brick wall, in Spring Valley, New York USA 1994

Commercial business lobby in Sodertalje, Sweden 1991

Common area for a low-income home for the aged, on Chicago's South Side, USA ...a small section of an entire room 2002

"New York Open Center" in Soho, N.Y.City Manhattan USA 1994

School stairwell in Shenzhen, Mainland China 2009

School entrance wall to a primary school on Mainland China Zhengzhou 2015

Children's library lobby in Beijing, China 2016

Exterior wall in Ho Chi Ming City (Old Saigon), Vietnam 2015