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Detail of an extensive monumental wall in the conference room at Eden Foods Inc. Clinton, Michigan

Corridor at a chiropractic office in Chestnut Ridge, New York 1993

Children's area for Esperanza Community Center, Esperanza School for Special Needs Children on South Side Chicago
Came to the space to discover that the building had once been a tavern, a bar with all the walls totally painted in black. The entirely healing new interior environment took on an organic design including all organic paints and pigments. about 1999. This is a 3/4 round wall.

Corridor space where fork-lift trucks move foods to another area through the sliding doors to the right Eden Foods Inc Clinton, Michigan. The composition, shown here about 1/10th the total painted area, indicates and reflects the rolling wheels of the trucks.

A more extensive view of a mural at Chicago Whole Health on Belmont Ave...

An additional wall surface on Chicago's south side for a low-income center for the aged.