These have each inspired me in life

A much happier, very innocent time growing up in middle under the Birch tree of our home in Detroit are my parents Leonard and Ruth Stolfo

In those early days in the '50's there were for us no fence boundaries between neighbors.
My parents Len and Ruth did the best they could at providing a harmonious home life. Ruth taught all aspects of music particularly vocal music.
Len taught all aspects of graphic arts printing in the days before the computer revolution.

Ruth was my greatest moral and financial support until her life's end. She believed 100% in my potential to succeed. I believe we knew each other in an earlier life together in China...she was a lover of all things Asian.

Rudolf Steiner 1861-1925, founder of spiritual teacher

Arne Klingborg (1915-2005) my master teacher of art and life while I resided in Sweden.

This assembled group of gentlemen were, in my view, some of the greatest figures in 20th century art and education. They were all born in and worked nearly all of their entire life, in Europe. And for me they excelled both in their respected individual professional fields and in their unified vision.

They were each my teachers during my formative years in Sweden in Jarna.

Here from left to right are:
John Wilkes, British...master scientific researcher of water, sculpture artist and teacher
Arne Klingborg, Swedish...master spiritual scientist, painter and architect, choreographer for eurythmy, master landscape artist and gardener, master educator and social artist.
Walter Liebendorfer, Swedish...master Waldorf educator
Abbi Asmussen, Danish...master architect
Rex Raab, British...master architect, painter and accomplished poet

Patrick Stolfo my brother who is two years younger than I (b. 1952) is a best life friend.. He is sculptor and long time teacher in the Waldorf movement mainly on the east coast USA. He introduced me to Rudolf Steiner in 1974 in our home city Detroit. See his blog/website at
For sure I was close with Patrick and Chuck in some earlier life...and will continue to be so in future earth lives

'Chuck' Charles Andrade, second-best friend after Patrick. Chuck is a true free spirit who is in this same profession with me although his field is mainly the US continent.
This picture was taken in San Francisco during his formative years.
He does amazingly masterful

"Gang of seven'....during Charles Andrade's wedding, summer I believe 2004 in USA
left to right to me is Chuck then Jennifer, Diane, Robert, Van and Patrick whose keeping us all grounded from all the fun... is the Colorado mountains among a small field of Birches

These six spiritual colleagues are now all spread out across America from Hawaii to New York state. Van is active everywhere. Chuck, Patrick and Van have been active in Waldorf schools over many decades. All and are free-lance artists and educators.
Chuck's website is
Van's blog:
Roberts website:
Jennifer's website:
Diane's website is
Patrick's blog again: of picture not exactly known but taken about 10 years ago in Harlemville, New York at Patrick's home and studio. These are my three closest friends and artists...brothers all... from left
Chuck, Patrick and Robert Logsdon who was my introduction to lazure painting in 1975 in the Detroit Waldorf School

That had to be the very last time I wore an armband watch! and the shirt?...gone.