These are my early workings while residing and finally establishing myself in Sweden.

The turning point came at age 40 in 1990 when I resolved to go professional.

Self--confidence had developed through long years and through many tests of courage and perserverence. There were many challenges bringing on inner sweat and outer tears.

In youth, I became 'softly stunned' by a the dream I once had of painting large walls. A vivid night-time dream occured at about 18 1/2 years of age. It took me a further nearly 22 years to fully realize that dream in real life...and with total conviction.


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Sodertalje, Sweden, dental offices

Gothenburg, Sweden, medical offices

Gothenburg, Sweden medical office corridor

Malmo, Sweden, health food store....the back drop painting here was in process

Jarna, Sweden medical offices stairwell

Sodertalje, Sweden, commercial showroom behind the cashier counter

Sodertalje, Sweden. community center lobby

same in Sodertalje

Sodertalje, Sweden...same location, another area

same in detail

Jarna, Sweden, a residential stairwell

same in detail