this was a piece I created while living in Chicago and promoting my studio services.

For a number of years mainly in Chicago, I actively created promotional material for the Rudolf Steiner Branch in Chicago and other public events...later more recently just a little in Hong Kong.

In Chicago I also did promotion of workshops and art classes of my personally owned commerical, city-registered studio business then based in the world famous heritage building called the Fine Arts Building then later in the the Flat Iron Building in Wicker Park, Chicago. I was In the Fine Arts Bldg 10 years and the Flat Iron 3 years.

In my graphics and other drawing work I most often employ a technique called shaded or slant-line drawing which produces quite a different effect more soothing for eyes and soul.

So if you are you ever in need of promotional material...with this kind of effect...then contact me. Requests even globally are possible in the digital age.


sketch for an interior restaurant signage, Chicago

background for a promo piece

flyer announcement for an event in Hong Kong
"Tao and Anthroposophy"...background for a promo piece