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One of my early works after returning from many years in Sweden. This is in Queens, NY City 1993 for a plastics lamination company the owners office.

Improvised flower motif at Chicago Whole Health in the corridor...on Belmont Ave. Chicago about 1997

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center Spring Valley, New York 1994. Interesting project involved painting on a concrete brick wall.

Private residence Bloomfield Hills, Michigan about 2004
Denise at her piano

Stairwell in a grade school Milwaukee, Wisconsin about 2004

Detail wall for a child's playroom in Evanston, Illinois
the entire room was painted with friend 'Phyll'

Wall in a conference room at Eden Foods Inc. Clinton, Michigan about 2002

Simple wall in a laundry room at a guest house...Eden Foods in Clinton, Michigan

Child's playroom Evanston, Illinois 2001
the small room was first painted in a rainbow coloration then many nature scenes were composed within the rainbow mood including the ceiling

Improvised painting in a corridor at Chicago Whole Health...
about half the whole painting is shown here. about 1997
theme of wind in free flow

Detail of a little girl's bedroom above her bed Evanston, Illinois

Grade one in a Waldorf grade school Poughkeepsie, New York state 1994....depicting the entire Grimm's fairy tale of 'Snow White and Rose Red"....shown in tableau format are the main images in the tale....I recieved exactly $100 USD for the two day job to help a struggling teacher who initially asked me to paint the whole room in a warm reddish color. I was inspired to go further. Painted again on a concrete brick wall showing how an artistic treatment can transform the lifeless stone....and the surrounding space

One of my most exciting projects was for CMI Industries Inc. Manhattan, NY City 1993....this was a textile manufacturing head office
A windowless space of a lunchroom...the task was to create a garden in abstraction as was requested by the architect firm. The designer gave me only the palette colors green and orange...shown is about 1/3 of the total wrap-around finished work.

Therapy room at a Chiropractic office in Chestnut Ridge, New York state 1994. The wall had a treatment bed right below the picture just a few feet away.

accent wall for the Mainhouse dining room at Rudolf Steiner Foundation Community Chestnut Ridge, New York state 1994

New York Open Center in Soho, Manhattan, NY City 1994
space for Yoga.

One wall of several in a sitting room at a low-income elderly home on Chicago Southside.