toy shop sales room, accent wall at the cashier area...Hong Kong Island

master bedroom Chicago, USA

LAZURE PAINTING: enlivening our surroundings with beautiful color

deep accent lazure

Hong Kong 10/10/2017
What is Lazure Painting?

This painting method originated in Europe over 100 years ago and is still a very revolutionary painting concept mainly suitable for many interior architectural settings but also exteriors. In Asia and specifically in China, with its population of 1.3 billion, and Hong Kong population 7+ million, it is nearly completely unknown in professional design. With my move to Hong Kong 2008 to establish residence and work in Asia, I am making forward steps at introducing the art of lazure in a professional capacity with over two decades previous experience acheived in Europe and USA. 

The initial concept of lazure painting was first presented by European born Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) who envisioned lazure as one of many new cultural impulses for making our built environments more life enriching and for the healing of contemporary society from the sclerotic decay of materialism.

here are just 7 of lazure's main principles in my working:


1.  can be applied to any building surface, be it concrete, plaster, plastic, metal or wood...any with suitably prepared surfaces
2. is painterly applied in multiple layers as transparent wash-glazes
with drying time between each layer
3. each applied colour tone has little or zero opaqueness...each tone is made as pure as possible
4. these applied colours, being transparent, contribute a qualitative luminosity and radiance unlike any other method
5. the resulting effect is one that uniquely expresses a beautiful colour mood that supports the spatial usage. Any range of effects can be acheived from soft calming and soothing to dynamic envigorating.  
6. virtually unlimited artistic possibilities can be achieved far surpassing wallpapering. (See also pages for wall picturing: large, medium to small scale)
7. and on demand, I can utilize an imported to Hong Kong a 100% professional grade, all natural paint medium from Europe. This will be of importance for all of you who want more healthy product-use for in living for work, leisure or play....this medium is free of any harsh, alergy producing chemicals. Its a product of 'soft chemistry'.     

During my 27 years of working I have completed commissions in nearly all possible venues: private residential homes, many cultural institutions such as schools and community centers, commercial venues and corporate/large and small business industrial spaces.

Lazure painting stands at the absolute cutting edge of contemporary colour design.

Consultation and price quoting has been and is always free of charge.

(please see the additional page, there are two pages of images for lazure painting)

thank you for your visit! ...John Stolfo

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school corridor and washroom entrances in Changchun, China

bedroom walls in Evanston, Illinois USA

Cafe Guy and Gallard, 470 Park ave. Midtown Manhattan New York City.

a child's bedroom in Beijing, China

a master bedroom in Eugene, Oregon

school exterior entrance in Southfield, Michigan

a master bedroom in Evanston, Illinois

hallway in private residence in Beijing, China

living room/dining room in Chicago, Illinois

residential living room wall detail, Evanston, Illinois

two boys bedroom In Michigan

classroom entrance in school Beijing, China

exterior Southfield, Michigan

music room at a university in Sacramento, California

school stairwell in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

office walls in Michigan

school directors office walls in far Northwest China (Urumji)