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At work for in a school teachers room near Chengdu, China 2013

At work in a school lobby in Beijing 2014

Completed kindergarten school exterior Taiwan
The left-face wall suggests a young chicken.
All visible in the picture was painted during a one week project on a metal scaffolding.

Project for a community cultural center in Changzhou 2014
This very simple three sectioned composition depicts YIN in blue, YANG in Reddish and BALANCE in yellow

A design firm office space in Shenzhen 2016
total transformation of an office workspace

Bedroom wall in Shenzhen....during working process

Children's Library entrance lobby in Beijing 2016
That's a lighthouse to the left and the wall theme in painting is the seashore with sunrise. Meant to be very peaceful and welcoming.

Theme of a water stream in nature with children playing. a kindergarten exterior ...Hong Kong 2009

Parzival theme at kindergarten in Hong Kong
The picture, as all others, only gives at best an impression
The photo was taken before it was removeded by the house owner when he was doing building renovations.

Cafe area during construction at a children's school Changzhou...a wider shot

Adult education space at a communtity center Beijing adequate color image is not available so only this black and white to illustrate the improvised flowering and shading dynamic. The actual coloration is in a golden orange mood.