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The following selection of wall murals on this page have been accomplished mostly on mainland China over the past 9 years in various places ...with two exceptions: in Vietnam and on Taiwan. Work in Vietnam and Thailand are not shown here.

Similar work unique to any architectural situation can be considered for your venue. Or a completely new solution can be accomplished for you whether it be in commercial, industrial, private residential or institutional settings.

I have done my art in almost every type of settings for example...from several large-scale exterior walls, a New York City coffee/deli shop, to a small-scale laundry room, to a lawyer's city office, many dozens of schools, large conference rooms and major stairwells.

Pricing can be negotiated in some situations but I do have a professional day rate.

More work in China continues on the following next page. Then more on pages for USA and Europe Sweden.

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School festival hall in Guangzhou, mainland China 2016

Festivity Hall in Guangzhou

multi-purpose space at a parent/child center in Kowloon, Hong Kong 2015

Grade school exterior wall in Guangzhou, China 2010

School classroom Urumqi China 2016...Xinjiang province
This job was in collaboration with a local interior design firm

Grade school exterior wall in Zhengzhou, China 2015....before picture

...and after. Painted the image in 4 hours due to pressure of time

Residential bedroom wall in Shenzhen 2015
have a deep and appreciative love for master Chinese landscape Paintings...I improvised this from my imaginative feeling.

Kindergarten exterior wall in Ho Chi Ming City (Old Saigon) Vietnam 2015

A three floor residential exterior in Hong Kong 2013...
my art studio was located on the upper floor. The painting was eventually covered over by a newly added three story structure right up against that wall by the building owner 2016. I knew this would happen when painting the mural but felt it necessary to do the painting anyway if even for a few short years. I also jumped at the challenge of painting it on a bamboo scaffolding...that was fun!

A stairwell at a Montessori/Waldorf School in Shenzhen, China 2009

Waldorf School Exterior Beijing 2014...done as a workshop project with 10 parents and 5 teens with my guidance.

For a Waldorf School in Changchun, northwest China 2015
a major challenge with no adequate equipment to carry out the project...was forced to improvise a solution to the high areas. The school has expanded enormously in less than 2 years.

Same school cafe area in Changchun